Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kids Gardening Tools for Recession Gardens

More and more Americans are growing what are being dubbed "recession gardens."   But regardless of economic times, we think it makes good sense to grow your own. It'll save a bundle, it's as local as you can get, and you get to learn about your patch of earth while enjoying its fruits. Plus, if we're talking about mental health, learning new skills is good for keeping your brain spry and it's been shown that coming into contact with dirt actually makes you happier

(And since it is a recession, we could all use some cheering up.)

We're encouraging you to get your kids in on the gardening action at our Organic Gardening Workshop for Kids and Parents this weekend, so we thought we'd mention Green Toys' great Indoor Gardening Kit that we have for just that.

Made from recycled plastic, it comes with a planting tray, three pots, a trowel, soil, planting instructions, and three packs of seeds--sunflowers, zinnia, and basil.

Green Toys is a great, green California company that makes its wares from recycled milk jugs right here in CA. So, their toy-making process is local and energy-saving, and the products themselves are tested for safety and wrapped in recycled packaging. You can read more about the backstory of Green Toys here.

By growing your own fruits, veggies, and flowers, you can experience a season of plenty in your home, no matter the financial forecast.

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