Monday, June 01, 2009

How Do I Recycle That? (Old Towels)

If you're in the market for new bath towels, forgoing your worn out conventional cotton for environmentally-friendly organic cotton (read how organic cotton is different) or fast-growing bamboo, you may be wondering what to do with those old ones so they don't go in the trash and on to the landfill.

First, you can REUSE them around your home:

*Cut them up for use as hand towels, dishtowels, or rags (fewer paper towels used for cleaning jobs means fewer trees felled).
*Tipnut even has a pattern to make them into a spa-inspired head wrap or make your very own swiffer duster from the scraps. 

Or, you can RECYCLE them this way:

Donate your discarded bath towels to a pet shelter in your area. That way, shelters don't have to buy new and the dogs will be cozy and probably won't care about old stains too much. 

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