Friday, May 01, 2009

Water Devices April Roundup to Have You Saving H2O All Year

As our water focus in April comes to a close, we want to leave you with a few of our favorite water products you can find in the store or, with some, for purchase at our new website.


Shower buckets can be used to collect water while you're waiting for the stream to get hot enough--instead of going down the drain, it can be used to water the plants!

We've told you before about the ingenious Hughie sink, a similar concept but this one's for your sink (or tub). It captures the water you use to wash dishes or hands or to rinse veggies and then allows you to you simply pick it up and use that same perfectly good water to soak your plants. Genius, right? We think so.

Faucet aerators can reduce your water use by up to a gallon per minute (280 gallons per month)! And they're easy to install and super inexpensive to boot. Perfect for kitchen and bathroom sinks.

Showerhead shut off valves are simple and super-savers. Just flip the switch while you're lathering up or shaving instead of having to mess with the bath fixtures. Flip again when you need water again--a navy shower made easy.

Smart faucets  operate similarly. When you're not pushing the convenient lever, the water flow stops at the sink to give you time to lather your hands with soap. When you're ready to rinse, you simply lean on that lever again. I cannot wait to get my hands under one of these to start saving up to 5,000 gallons a year.

Shower timers will keep you on track for your desired water-conserving shower.

And while you're at it, you can PURIFY IT, too:

For bathtime, we've got a shower filter that fits with low-flow devices and takes out 90% of that pesky chemical, chlorine, that dries out your hair and skin and maybe worse.  There's a filter ball for baby's baths, too.

With the Aquasana filter, you get fresh, pure water free of chlorine, lead, pharmaceuticals and microbes, while still getting natural minerals. Each filter lasts for six months or 500 gallons and I can speak from experience that this water tastes delicious, leaving me feeling healthier.

Then, fill up your safe, snazzy on the go water bottle to save money and keep plastic out of your body and landfills.

We hope you'll consider whether one of these tools might be right for you to save water every day of the year. 

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