Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Quick Gardening Tip from our Weekend Workshop

Last weekend, Deborah led another organic gardening workshop at a private residence.

Here's one word of wisdom she has for those of you beginning to care for a garden:

Gardening is as much about observation as it is about doing. Every day, take time to observe what is happening with your plants, how they are growing and what's going on with the soil. Are there aphids? Is the soil dry? What are the leaves doing? It is only through observation that we begin to build a relationship and can intuit what the soil and the plants need.

Happy Spring Digging!

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BeWaterWise Rep said...

Observation is definitely important in gardening. However due to the water shortage in Southern California, gardeners there are also forced to be more water wise. While using up a lot of water for gardening can hike up your water bills, not watering your gardens optimally can make your plants wither. How do you solve this problem? Some of the tips are:
a) Switch to xeriscaping, grow California Friendly plants
b) Install Smart Sprinklers Controllers
c) Fix leaking sprinklers
You can also refer to http://www.bewaterwise.com/knowledge01.html to know more about how to grow a water wise garden!
Hope these tips added some value...