Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How Do I Recycle That? (Jewelry)

Jewelry. We reduce, reuse, recycle Angelenos normally give it to goodwill so at least someone else may enjoy what once hung around our necks or wrists or from our ears.

Now, we can recycle it instead.

Liza Shtromberg, the owner of All Shades of Green, is proud to introduce the new recycling program at her jewelry store on Hillhurst in Los Feliz, Liza Shtromberg Studio.

LS Jewelry will accept any unplated platinum, 10K 14K 18K 22K gold, and sterling silver for recycling at a local plant (where it's melted down so it can be made into some entirely new bling).

There is currently enough mined precious metal in circulation
 to last for decades. 
If we all made a concerted effort to recycle old jewelry, we can avoid draining more of the planet's natural resources.

With the new program you can both give get: The store is offering 100% of the recycling proceeds as a store credit for you. They will absorb the 10% fee charged by the recycling company to give you more rewards for helping do our part to reduce unnecessary strain on Mother Earth.

To get started, simply head into the design studio with the jewelry you no longer wear. They will test the purity of the metal, send the pieces to the recycling plant, and then issue you a store credit upon settlement, (which typically takes about two weeks).

Visit Liza Shtromberg Studio to start recycling your precious metals:
2120 Hillhurst Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(323) 913-1444
Open 10a.m. -6p.m. Mon- Sat
Sun: 11a.m.-5p.m

Want to dig deeper as to why less mining for gold and silver is a good idea? Read more on the quandaries of quarries here.

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Colette Aoki said...

Designs N Gold, a Hawaii based Hawaiian jewelry manufacturer, is pleased to announce the launch of their method for turning old, broken and unused jewelry into new Hawaiian heirlooms bracelets, rings, pendants or other types of jewelry.

Clients who wish to recycle old gold and silver can choose from 2000+ design molds or custom design an entirely new piece of jewelry for themselves or as a gift for a loved one. Clients are also able to keep cherished mementos in a new form of jewelry rather than selling it as scrap gold and silver where dealers may pay them pennies on the dollar.

Recycling also helps save the planet. For every ounce of scrap gold or silver that is recycled into new jewelry, the need for the mining companies to mine a ton of earth is reduced. It is estimated that for an average 18-karat gold ring leaves 20 tons of polluted mining waste behind. There are also pollution risks. For example in 1992 in Summitville, Colorado (USA), a containment dam that held mine waste from a gold mining operation burst. The escaped toxic waste killed all life along a 25 km stretch of a nearby river. Finally, recycling also reduces the consumption of resources and energy.

"Our jewelers/engravers enjoy taking scrap and turning it into a beautiful piece of jewelry which gives them them a great since of pride" said Hawaiian born and raised Colette Aoki, owner of Designs 'N Gold. "Recycling old, broken and unused jewelry into new Hawaiian jewelry not only saves our clients money but also allows them to be a part of helping to save our planet's precious resources for future generations."

Colette's customers who have had a chance to try this process are very enthusiastic. Susan of San Diego, CA writes "Thanks very much for the follow-up. I received the bracelet on Friday of last week- it is so beautiful! I am really happy with it". While April of Maui, Hawaii writes "I received the ring, yesterday and I was already so anxious to open the box. Opened it and oh my. Why, it's surely the ultimate beautiful ring I have ever seen. Most of all it's well made. Thank your designer from the bottom of my heart. I have been sharing with people about your business. I am spreading the word of the great job you all have done.”

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