Thursday, August 28, 2008

Earth Mama Angel Baby

If you're an earthy mama to be, do we have some little goodies from Earth Mama Angel Baby to help you before and after delivery of your little bundle of joy.

For pregnancy, there's Heartburn Tea made with organic herbs like marshmallow root and chamomile to soothe and settle heartburn.  Easy to swallow relief indeed.

For breastfeeding, there's Milkmaid Tea, E.M.A.B.'s most popular item!  It helps encourage milk production, naturally.  Can you say galactagogue?  (A fancy word for a milk-producing food.)  It's totally organic and totally works.

For weaning, when the day comes that you don't need so much of that milk anymore, you can switch teas and try No More Milk Tea.  The secret organic ingredients in this one have the opposite effect, telling your body to ease up.

Be sure to check out the Earth Mama Reading Room as well for a plethora of articles on all things earthy mama, from breastfeeding to herbs to use and avoid to phthalates.


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