Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Pampering Dad

Father's Day is just around the corner (Sunday, June 15th).  We'll be featuring a handful of gifts that may just fit the bill for yours in the coming days.  

So, for starters, if yours is a dad who likes (0r needs) some pampering, consider a couple of all-natural items we've got that are suitable for guys like:

John Masters Organics Hair Pomade

John Masters Organics is committed to natural hair and body care without harsh chemicals, petroleum products or anything genetically modified.  Its products are also vegan and, usually, contain certified organic natural ingredients.

As for the pomade, this shiny stuff has beeswax and essential oils for all-natural calming and slicking.  It's super stuff that moisturizes as it styles.


Nettie Scrub Cedar Spice Body Balm

Nettie Davis has been making natural body care for years and has been doing it right here in Los Angeles for the last four. As a manicurist, she needed to soothe and slather delicate skin. So, she whipped up some natural ingredients and Nettie Scrub was born.

Handmade in California, Cedar Spice Body Balm combines cedarwood, cinnamon, shea butter, and other good things to make a spicy, soothing balm that's perfect for dad to slather on after shaving, working with his hands, or being out in the sun.

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