Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bags of All Kinds

For travel needs of all kind this summer and beyond, from biking, hiking, or much longer journeys, we've got the bag to bring your stuff in.  What trip, whether it be around the block or around the world, is complete without something to put your reusable water bottle, to-go food containers, organic cotton hat, and natural sunblock in?

Aside from the ingenious Soma Fabrications cycling basket/bag, we've got a couple handy ones from Simple (they make more than shoes!).

The Overdue Bag is a do-it-yourself number that demonstrates how far we can go in our quest to reuse.  It's made from wool, recycled PET plastic bottles, coconuts for the buttons, and discarded bike tires.  

Simple also makes a laptop bag from eco-friendly materials for when you can't leave home without projects or email.

And, for that smallest of carrying items, we have some olive wallets from ecolution made entirely out of hemp.  They're only 6.50 so they travel light in all kinds of ways.

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