Monday, June 16, 2008

Eco-Travel Tip: Carbon Offsets

Our in-house Sustainablity Coach, Deborah, recommends that if you're traveling by air (or car, for that matter) this summer, consider funding projects what will help counter your emissions through a trusted service that provides carbon offsets.  

After all, in some cases travel is practically unavoidable--a business trip, an ailing relative, and in others, though we may choose to limit our trips, especially by air, a journey every few years can be an eye-opening, world-expanding experience that some folks with the explorer bug simply don't want to miss.

What exactly is a carbon offset?

Websites like Terrapass help you calculate how much carbon you will personally contribute to the atmosphere on a given trip and then let you buy a certificate to "offset" that amount.  The certificate is not just a piece of paper.  Instead, it's that company's promise to participate in a project that helps reduce emissions and combat climate change.  The whole idea is to do some good that will offset the footsteps we're leaving as we travel.

Renewable Choice also has a lot to offer in terms of offsetting home energy use by purchasing a stake in wind power.  So, if you're staying home this summer but are using lights and air conditioning while you're there, you can do your part to help offset those emissions as well.

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