Friday, April 03, 2009

FLOW the Film

Since we're talking about  water this month, we just have to recommend a documentary: 


It's a film about water that everyone should see. We're made of water, the earth is made of water, and water matters.

The first bit is about what we've done to our water reserves through polluting it with chemicals and pesticides and even rocket fuel and the problems that causes, for us and for our aquatic friends. (There's a great bit on the water bottle industry, too.)

But the bulk of the film takes on the question: Just who owns water?

And unfortunately, since water is a 400 billion industry (just behind oil and electricity), the answer is often wealthy countries and corporations, leaving many of the world's poor to go without or to have to pay for something they can't afford.

The film's website will help you take water action with orgs like charity: water and other water-worthy groups before or after you rent/buy it.

And you can see the FLOW trailer here.  And if you see the film, tell us what you think.

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