Monday, April 20, 2009

Earth Day Ball in Silver Lake

This Wednesday, Earth Day 2009: Silver Lake Hosts a Ball (of a different sort).

The Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce has been collecting plastic bags this winter/spring and will be tying them together to form a giant plastic ball in Triangle Square (site of the Saturday farmers' market) on Earth Day. It's a tribute to the kids' book the United Nations Environmental Programme put out, Theo and the Giant Plastic Ball (download the free PDF of the book here) and an effort to increase awareness of the problems with plastic.

Our community is estimated to dole out 6,000 plastic bags a month--part of the million bags a minute consumed worldwide. From now on though, a number of local businesses are just saying no.

You can support Silver Lake's journey to becoming a "Bring Your Own Bag Neighborhood" by coming along and joining. Details here.

We hope you have a ball celebrating the earth this week.

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