Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Farmer Composter!

Food waste often doubles around the holidays.  Doubles!  (And the average American gains one pound from what does make it to mouths as well.)

One way to tackle the mounds of food when leftovers and giving it to friends and neighbors won't cut it is composting it.

The Happy Farmer Composter makes it pretty simple.

Made from 70% recycled plastic and suitable for indoor/under the kitchen sink use, it utilizes bokashi, a combination of bran and sawdust and microorganisms, to ferment and break down your food scraps in only about ten to fourteen days.  After a couple of weeks, you've got nutrient-rich liquid plant food for your garden or growing veggies.  Meat and dairy are even acceptable with this kind of system (perfect for sour cream and turkey!).

Our savvy staff can fill you in on all the details in the store so you can become a happy farmer or make someone else one this holiday.

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