Thursday, August 14, 2008

Little Star Babysling

We've got Little Star babyslings on sale (27.99).  Slinging is probably an ancient way of carrying a baby as it allows parents to do their own thing and carry their little one, hands-free.

By tucking a baby into a sling that's tied to you, it's not just good for you as a way to multi-task.  Being carried close is good for babies from helping them develop a strong parental bond and sense of security to encouraging dramatically less crying!  Read more benefits here.

And here's what Colic Baby Bootcamp has to say about the wonders of slinging.

Little Star slings are also made from natural, organic fabric that's safe for your baby and the wider world.

So, how can you be a present parent and still get things accomplished? Instead of carrying your baby, wear her!  Check out all the tricky ways to sling here.

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